Study Skills Curriculum Lesson Plan Bundle for Lower Elementary



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Teaching learning skills or study skills doesn’t have to be boring – it can be fun! These interactive lessons help develop these skills in elementary students. Bonus? The PowerPoint format means they’re very low prep! This bundle is perfect for a classroom lesson unit or a short term small group. The intro and ending of each lesson build on one another, following a fun and engaging story line of “Ms. Lurnur’s Class” and the mysteries of why they aren’t Super Students (yet).
This resource includes:
  • 4 complete lessons plans, ASCA aligned
  • Choices That Help vs. Hurt Learning
  • Listening With Your Ears, Eyes, Mouths, and Brains
  • Using Your Time Wisely
  • Ignoring Distractions
ASCA Mindsets and Behaviors
  • Use time-management, organizational and study skills
  • Apply self-motivation and self direction to learning
CASEL (Social Emotional Learning) Competencies
  • Self-Management
  • Responsible Decision Making
Resource Rationale
Study skills and responsibility are not innate. Many students need to be explicitly taught these skills with the opportunity to practice them – and in a fun way!
The preview uploaded here is for the first PPT lesson – click the other lessons to see the animated previews for them as well!
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What others are saying...

“I just finished up with unit with my 2nd graders. They loved it! They’d stop to tell me in the hall to say they couldn’t wait for the next investigation. The self-talk lesson especially stuck with them. Great lessons!”

“These are very engaging lessons and the students loved them!”

“My class was in awe when I showed the Super Student lesson to them. The student characters are so cute! I love how thematic the lesson is with example situations. It helps a lot that I don’t have to make a separate guided practice activity because they’re included in the presentation, so it keeps a spontaneous flow of virtual class. My students had enjoyed it and are eager to know more. I’m going to use the next lesson in this bundle. I’m glad that it meets the competencies of my country. Thank you so much!! God bless!”