Problem Solving and Conflict Resolution Activity Bundle



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Want to help your kindergarteners and first graders develop the problem solving skills they need to be successful in school? This resource is a set of four lessons focused on: I-messages, apologies, sportsmanship, and playing together. It’s research-based social-emotional learning created specifically with primary students in mind.

The activities were designed for teachers delivering SEL in their classrooms or school counselors teaching guidance lessons, though they also work great in tier 2 social skills groups. They are CASEL-aligned and ASCA-aligned!

Each Resource Includes:

  • Short story to engage your learners
  • Movement-based whole group activity to check for understanding
  • Hands-on small group practice activity (*which can be used again later as centers!)
  • Closing circle questions
  • Extension activity
  • Poster/coloring pages
  • Recommended book companions


*Open the previews for more details!*