Self-Regulation Lessons for Primary Students



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This resource is a complete curriculum for helping lower elementary students understand self-regulation and learn coping strategies. It will help develop increased self-awareness, coping skills, and decision making at school.
Often times, when our students are making unexpected or inappropriate choices, it’s because their brains and bodies are dysregulated. Good behavior is about more than self-control; it’s about helping students be self-regulated!
*Special note: This resource was started and nearly finished shortly before our schools all faced sudden and lengthy closures. It was not created specifically to be a distance learning resource and many of the examples and scenarios included are related or specific to the school setting. That said, I think this may still serve you as you work to share lessons and activities with families and students. Ideas for how to use this in distance learning if it is a fit for you and your students is included in the preview and resource.*
You can use just the PowerPoints for completely no-prep lessons, or you can use the worksheets as an extension. These PowerPoints are animated and interactive with several opportunities for students to practice the skill you’re teaching.
This resource also includes parts for making a bulletin board showcasing the six coping skills taught, a poster with all on them, and lanyard cards to take out to recess as a helpful visual reminder. A pre/post survey for teachers to complete is also included to collect data on the effectiveness of the curriculum.