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Choices and Consequences Lesson Plan and Activities


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Part of developing responsibility is understanding how choices have consequences, both good and bad. This lesson plan includes several activities to use with middle-upper elementary students to help them recognize the impact of their choices and become more responsible decision makers. Pick and choose which activities to use in your lesson or small group to meet the needs and levels of your students!
This resource includes:
• Written lesson plan with ASCA mindsets/behaviors and CASEL competencies
• Optional hook using Kid President’s “Making Tough Choices” video
• Two fill in the blank activity sheets
• Two different puzzle sets (two piece: choice to consequence, four piece: scenario to three consequences)
• “I Have, Who Has” game
• Exit ticket
ASCA Mindsets and Behaviors
  • Demonstrate critical-thinking skills to make informed decisions
  • Demonstrate ethical decision making and social responsibility
CASEL (Social Emotional Learning) Competencies
  • Self-Management
  • Responsible Decision Making
Resource Rationale
Children need to understand that there are consequences (good and/or bad) to every choice that we make. This resource helps them make the connection by providing numerous examples and differentiated opportunities to practice their understanding independently or in small groups. The puzzles provide for an hands-on/tactile approach while the fill in the blanks push students to think deeper and more creatively.
How to Use This Resource
This resource works in both whole group guidance lessons or small group sessions for students grades 2nd-5th. If using the puzzles, you may choose to select the ones most applicable to your group. The materials included in this resource are enough to spread over the course of 2 lessons/sessions if desired.
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What others are saying...

“I loved this resource to get my students engaged and expanding their thinking during classroom guidance lessons. My students loved the “I have, who has” game and it challenged them to not only think of the consequence, but realize there could be many for one situation. Would highly recommend for classes struggling with disruptive behaviors, completing tasks, etc.”

“Fantastic thorough resource! Multiple great activities to enforce respect and empathy building by discussing how your actions effect others.”

“My students loved this interactive activity! This lesson fit in perfectly when we talked about what it means to be impulsive, be a follower vs. a leader, think before we act / speak, etc. It was wonderful! And being able to collect their papers at the end gave me a better understanding as well. Great activity and would highly recommend!”