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This resource bundles three effective and engaging lesson plans for developing responsibility in your upper elementary students: Understanding Choices and Consequences, Whose Job is It?, and Problem Solving + Accepting Responsibility.
Whose Job Is It?
Teach your students about responsibility by answering the question “Whose job is it?” about important school related tasks. This lesson plan is an engaging and active way to help develop responsibility without simply telling students what they need to do. Students engage in one of two activities: carousel (students rotate around the room and give written responses in teams) or card sort (students sort specific tasks by whose job it is: students, parents, or teachers). Core tasks covered: Homework Completion, Getting to School Every Day and On Time, Clean and Organized Spaces, Positive Classroom, and Learning Math & Reading Skills.
Resource includes:
• Written lesson plan with ASCA mindsets/behaviors and CASEL competencies.
• Carousel header sheets
• Sorting task cards
• Exit ticket
Choices and Consequences
Part of developing responsibility is understanding how choices have consequences, both good and bad. This lesson plan includes several activities to use with middle-upper elementary students to help them recognize the impact of their choices and become more responsible decision makers. Pick and choose which activities to use in your lesson plan to meet the needs and levels of your students!
This resource includes:
• Written lesson plan with ASCA mindsets/behaviors and CASEL competencies
• Optional hook using Kid President’s “Making Tough Choices” video
• Two fill in the blank activity sheets
• Two different puzzle sets (two piece: choice to consequence, four piece: scenario to three consequences)
• “I Have, Who Has” game
• Exit ticket
But It’s Not My Fault!
Helping students to take responsibility for their actions and become better independent problem solvers is a big part of our role as educators! This companion to the book “But It’s Not My Fault!” is an engaging way to do just that.
Included in this resource:
• Written lesson plan with ASCA Mindsets & Behaviors and CASEL competencies, including discussion questions to use with the book
• Collaborative learning activity to practice taking responsibility for mistakes/problems
• Problem solving sorting cards (four problems with four solutions each, in the following themes: grades, behavior, conflict, and friendships)
• Blame cards
• Exit Ticket
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“I love the very specific skills and concepts that each of these lessons focus on. There are multiple pieces to each lesson, so there are lots of options for customizing it to fit your own individual classroom or student needs. This one will be used for years to come!”

“My teachers absolutely loved these lessons since they’ve been trying to find creative ways to address these issues. The lessons were very engaging and interesting for my students.”

“I LOVE your lesson plans. They are laid out with great detail, very easy to follow, multiple choices for activities, and engaging for students! Purchase with confidence buyers, the Responsive Counselor knows her stuff!!!”