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Expressing Strong Feelings Appropriately Story


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Do you have students who threaten to hurt themselves or others when they’re super upset? Kids who say things like “I want to die” or “I’ll hurt you” due to overwhelming emotions, not actual suicidal ideation or desire to harm others? “Sam’s Super Strong Feelings” is a social narrative that teaches students 1) the consequences of using these “danger words” and 2) more appropriate ways to express their strong feelings.
*This resource is meant to be used after an appropriate risk assessment has been completed and it is determined that the child does not present as a risk to self or others. It may also be used as a class lesson when this issue is occurring frequently, but again, only after individual incidents have been evaluated/assessed.
  • “Sam’s Super Strong Feelings” story (PowerPoint or printable hard copy, all slides/pages shown in preview!)
  • Mini-book for students to create their own plan for handling these feelings
  • Parent notes to send home after whole class lesson or targeted individual session
Resource Rationale:
Young children often struggle with what to do when they experience overwhelming strong emotions (disappointment and anger in particular). This can lead to using phrases they’ve heard others use in real life or on TV; phrases about wanting to hurt themselves or others, or wishing to be dead. Many times, children don’t actually mean these words but instead have a need to convey the intensity of their feelings to those around. This resource aims to help children understand the seriousness of those phrases while also providing strategies for appropriately expressing themselves.
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What others are saying...

“This is such a needed resource in the lower elementary grades. Thank you for creating it! It’s very thorough and I love the social story aspect of it so that students can relate.”

“Sometimes children make unsafe statements because they don’t have the words to express their big feelings and this is a GREAT resource to assist with this! I love the parent handout that is included as well.”

“I’ve been using this resource for about a year now and find it incredibly helpful, especially the little booklets that I can send home with them and their family can read it with them and review the skills. The quality is great, as usual, and I see myself continuing to use this resource for years to come.”