Feelings SEL Lessons for Identifying and Expressing Feelings and Coping Skills


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Want to help your kindergarteners and first graders develop the emotional skills they need to be successful in school? This resource is a set of four lessons focused on: identifying and expressing happy/proud/excited, identifying and expressing sad/worried/angry, understanding other peoples’ feelings, and coping skills. It’s research-based social-emotional learning created specifically with primary students in mind.

The activities were designed for teachers delivering SEL in their classrooms or school counselors teaching guidance lessons. They are CASEL-aligned and ASCA-aligned!

Each Resource Includes:

Short story to engage your learners
Movement-based whole group activity to check for understanding
Hands-on small group practice activity (*which can be used again later as centers!)
Closing circle questions
Extension activity
Poster/coloring pages
Recommended book companions

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Original price was: $16.00.Current price is: $12.50.