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Ignoring Distractions Lesson Plan for Lower Elementary


One of my top requested lessons is on staying focused by identifying and ignoring distractions. While most students are taught to ignore, explicitly teaching them self-talk gives them the tools to do so!
This lesson plan (ASCA and CASEL aligned) includes a set of two types of scripts for 7 different common scenarios in upper elementary school that distract our students plus an intro video, mini-poster, and exit ticket. Here are some options for how to use the scripts:
Option A: Pick a few to act out with you and some strong readers in class.
Option B: Place the students in small groups, give them scripts and about 10 minutes to “prepare”, and then ask them to perform the skit for the group.
Option C: Each scenario is a different center with 4 copies of the script. Groups rotate through and at each one they chorally read the scenario and then each read the self-talk portion of the script aloud individually.

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What others are saying...

“I’ve used a few of the Super Students lessons in the past, and I just had to grab this one too! It was perfect for my first grade classes. Such a super fun and engaging way to practice such an important skill!”

“This is a great resource to help students understand how to ignore distractions. Teaching ignore is a difficult concept and this resource has made it much easier for my students to understand.”

“Easy to use and a great supplement to my SEL lesson. The format of this lesson engaged all my learners and they were eager to participate in solving the mystery..”

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