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Listening Skills Lesson and Activities


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Teaching listening skills doesn’t have to be boring – it can be fun! This interactive lesson helps elementary students learn how to really listen. Bonus? The slideshow-based format means it’s NO PREP.


*Lesson plan works as a standalone OR as the first in a four-lesson unit bundled here!*


Engage your students in “The Case of the Super Students”: Ms. Lurnur’s class has gotten off the path towards becoming super students. Students become detectives and investigate what went wrong by copying what her class is doing (daydreaming, talking, looking away) and discovering how hard it is to learn like that. Then students learn that super student listening involves using your eyes, mouth, and brain too and engage in three different mini-challenges to show Ms. Lurnur’s students how it’s done!

Resource includes:

  • Written lesson plan aligned with ASCA mindsets/behaviors and CASEL competencies
  • Slideshow (PowerPoint and Google Slides compatible) in two versions: one as a standalone lesson and one as part one in a unit
  • Interactive listening story and drawing scripts for challenge activities
  • Exit ticket

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What others are saying...

“This was a great lesson to review listening. Our students were having a difficult time listening with the virtual learning so this was a great reminder for them!”

“Really interactive way to cover listening skills with a class that was struggling. It was a lesson that I could use the skills each time I was in the classroom. The teacher loved this lesson as well.”

“This was a great resource that I used in my Kinder, 1st, and 2nd grade classes after holiday break. My teachers appreciated the timely lesson.”