Test Taking Strategies Lesson Escape Rooms For In Person or Distance Learning



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Make state testing prep and practicing test-taking strategies exciting and engaging with a zombie-themed escape room! This resource includes both a PRINTABLE and DIGITAL version of the escape room. The best part? It’s is more than just fun, it actually involves practicing standardized testing strategies as well! You can use this in person or for distance learning with your virtual students.
The Premise: Testing prep has made students and teachers turn into stressed-out zombies. Students will complete four challenges to get the necessary ingredients for the antidote created by Dr. Lotsabrains before time runs out and the testing zombie epidemic becomes permanent.  
  • Puzzles for universal test-taking strategies (finding key words/phrases, crossing off answers you know are wrong, perseverance, and checking your answers)
  • Passage on the importance of reading everything with multiple choice questions
  • Cipher code secret message
  • Positive attitude vs. negative attitude thought sort
What do you need for a digital escape room?
This digital escape room is hosted on Google Sites (TM). Students do NOT need to have any accounts and do not need to log into anything. You just need internet access and laptops or tablets (it is not mobile-friendly). This escape room can be done individually, in pairs or small groups, or you can do it with a whole class by screen sharing or putting on a smartboard.
You do need to make sure your school’s network firewall doesn’t block Google Sites. Click here for a test site. Open that link while on a student device or connected to your school’s network to make sure it works.
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What others are saying...

“My kids loved this resource! Third graders needed more clues, but they were able to get it done quickly. I will say that my 3rd-4th graders loved it. My fifth graders needed some more incentive (competition, etc.). “

“The day before testing we needed a reprieve from just reviewing so we did this. I decorated my room all up with a set of zombie clipart that I made into posters and added some ‘tests’ into their hands. The students loved it and it helped with some of the testing anxiety that they had. “

“We are back in school but I put this escape room on my students google classrooms along with a book about test anxiety the week before we did the Forward Exams as a Life Skills extra. They LOVED doing this activity. Thanks for a great escape room!”