Counseling Escape Room Bundle


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Counseling escape rooms are engaging lessons that work with group counseling or whole classes. Students collaboratively complete challenges to free themselves from pirates, zombies, or safari monkeys!
**Now includes faculty escape room for boosting morale or building community!**
These escape rooms were designed for 45 minute classroom lessons or 30-35 minute small group sessions.
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What others are saying...

“These make guidance lessons so much fun!!!!”

“I did the pirate conflict resolution escape room with my 3rd graders – and it was amazing. The students were fully engaged and absolutely LOVED the whole experience. They also fully understood the strategies for conflict resolution and have used them already. I cannot say enough about how amazing this product is.”

“My kids can’t get enough of escape the room. It allows them to not only practice skills taught in the lessons but practice their teamwork skills as well.”

Original price was: $23.00.Current price is: $18.00.