Trudy Ludwig Companion Lessons Bundle


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Trudy Ludwig books are such a phenomenal resource for upper elementary school counseling lessons. This is a growing bundle of companion activities to pair with some of her books. All lessons include written lesson plans and are filled with engaging activities incorporating movement and collaborative learning.
These resources are a set of companion activities to go along with the stories by Trudy Ludwig. The books are not included in these resources and needs to be purchased separately.
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What others are saying...

“This year Trudy Ludwig has become one of my favorites to do lessons on. Her books and topics are always applicable to student situations. I LOVE this product because all the lessons are differentiated and ALL are engaging. Through this seller I have learned may different ways to approach lessons WITHOUT paper(!), and have found new ways to keep students engaged. I am so happy with this bundle and will continue to use the lessons in the future. Thank you!”

“We have some large class sizes in my building (30+), and Trudy Ludwig’s books are so engaging you could hear a pin drop during my lessons. These activities reinforce her ideas and lead a meaningful discussion. Thank you!”

“My students LOVE Trudy Ludwig books (and I do too!). This set complemented the books so nicely. The activities help the key points stick. Activities are low-prep and fun. Overall, this is an amazing resource that I’ve used in small groups, classroom lessons, and individual sessions.”

Original price was: $13.50.Current price is: $10.50.