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Bubble Gum Brain Companion


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These activities are the perfect companion to Julia Cook’s “Bubble Gum Brain” book on having a growth mindset. It includes a variety of different activities for you to choose from in making a lesson plan, depending on the needs of your students. These activities could also all be used and spread out over a classroom unit or small group counseling program.
Resource Includes:
• Written lesson plan aligned to ASCA standards and CASEL competencies
• Bubble gum vs. bricks sort (for activating prior knowledge with younger students, or for pre-teaching the concepts with ELL students)
• Discussion question game (for use whole group or small group)
• Bubble Gum Brain vs. Brick Brain sort
• Accordion book
• Bubble Gum Brain thought “wrappers”
• ‘What can your Bubble Gum Brain say in these situations?” sheet
• Exit ticket
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