Calm Down Corner Lesson, Centers, Visuals, and Lapbook for Regulation


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This classroom coping skills bundle is a great way to make emotional self-regulation a priority in your classroom, office, and/or school. It includes a centers-based lesson for teaching students how to use the different tools and strategies, visuals for your Peace Corner, Calm Corner, or Calm Down Corner, or Zen Den, or Take a Break Spot, or Cool Down Spot, and a lapbook for students to feel empowered in their own emotional regulation. This resource a great fit for trauma sensitive (or trauma informed) classrooms and is everything you need for a regulation station in your room.
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• Scripted lesson plan with ASCA mindsets & behaviors and CASEL competencies.
• Visual sign and directions for over 36 different coping skill centers (some require class materials such as stuffed animal, stress ball, glitter jar/visual timer, colored pencils/crayons)
• Breathing visuals, puzzles, and other coping cue cards
• (Editable) ’Travel sheet’ for students to reflect on the effectiveness of each coping strategy for themselves
• Visual communication board
• Folder lapbook AND digital slides for students to select their emotion(s) and try various strategies
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What others are saying...

“Literally used this the minute I downloaded and printed it. We have used the folders to help students individually and I use it to teach how to use the calm down area as well as for visual reminders.”

“This resource is very easy to prep! A cool down corner is so important for my classroom. My students are able to understand and use the visuals very easily.”

“I absolutely love this bundle! This was my first time setting up a peace corner, and this was such a big help. I love that it comes with so many different options–this helped give me ideas for new additions I can add to my peace corner.”

Original price was: $9.00.Current price is: $7.00.