CBT Activities for Elementary Students Bundle


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Teaching the premise of CBT is tough work with elementary students, especially those still developing their verbal skills. These CBT activities help students understand the connection between thoughts, feelings, and actions – as well as the difference between helpful and unhelpful thinking. They’re perfect for individual counseling or in group counseling activities.
CBT Stories and Worksheets now also include Google Slides TM for distance learning
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What others are saying...

“For many of my students, CBT concepts can be confusing to them. I am so excited to use several of the resources in bundle after watching her training session. I think using baseball will help the concepts click better with students and I am excited to use the CBT stories with them. I also appreciate having both physical copies and in slides as I will have both in-school learners and distance learners this school year.”

“Another amazing resource! Each item I purchase from the Responsive Counselor is worth every penny. This resource worked great for lunch bunch small groups. The kiddos had so much fun with the CBT stories on my whiteboard and made a game out of using a fly swatter to tap the different steps of CBT. It was engaging, easy to use, and a must-have resource!”

“Both my students and private practice clients benefit from this bundle. Easy to prepare/navigate. Well done!”

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