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CBT Thought Cards and Activities for Positive Thinking Includes Google Slides TM


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Love to help your students with positive self-talk and helpful thinking and the power of their thoughts? Me too! I made this giant set of helpful and unhelpful thoughts to use with positive attitude and cognitive/CBT work with students. They can be used with individuals, in group counseling, or in the classroom. It’s a great resource for talking about positive thinking vs. negative thinking. They’re also a great partner to books like Baditude!.
*Now also includes thirty thoughts as interactive slides (PowerPoint and Google Slides TM versions). Video preview shows a portion to illustrate how they work!
These cards are created in pairs, with 45 sets of thoughts (one helpful and one unhelpful, 90 total). They are coded by category to make it easy peasy to grab the ones you need. Cards include thoughts for: anger, worry, self-esteem, growth mindset, learning/school, negative attitude, and flexible thinking.
How can you use these with students?
• Sorting (helpful vs. unhelpful)
• Matching pairs
• As an assessment tool for identifying which cognitions students need to work on
• For affirmations that students can carry
• Paired with games like Candy Land, Uno, or Don’t Break the Ice
Full color and B&W included, as well as a scoot board, sorting headers, and more directions and specific ideas for use. As I create more thoughts (looking to do more impulse control related ones in the future), this product will be updated and you’ll get a message letting you know!


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What others are saying...

“This resource has been so helpful to use with a variety of my students. So many of them struggle with negative self-talk. It’s great to have a resource that focuses on using ‘helpful’ versus ‘unhelpful’. This language allows a more realistic discussion with students, rather than using the terms ‘positive’ and ‘negative’. The scenarios are great at teaching kids how to reframe their unhelpful thoughts into a growth mindset approach.”

“This is a great resource for individual and small groups. It’s so helpful for students to read through examples and sort them into helpful vs. unhelpful thoughts. I love that students can identify their trouble thoughts from the examples so we can talk through them. A very tangible example for students to practice and then apply in their own thoughts.”

“Absolutely love this resource. I use it frequently for 1:1 counseling with students to work on thought replacement and other CBT related goals. I love that I can incorporate the cards into other gross motor activities that the kids love, but still build their skills at recognizing negative thinking and the consequences.”

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