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Conflict Resolution Task Cards


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This is a set of 48 conflict scenario/situation cards. These are great to use with or without Kelso’s Choices or other social problem solving curriculum. Having a set of conflict situations on hand is incredibly helpful – what school doesn’t spend a lot of time on developing positive conflict resolution and problem solving with their students? Most of these scenarios could be well solved using an I-message or I-statement making these great for practicing assertive communication as well. These also make for awesome prompts for informal restorative circles.
I use the cards in my whole group lessons, small group sessions, and individual counseling. A blank page of 6 is included for if you’d like to write in some of your own. Includes materials for making this a SCOOT game and mini posters with I-message sentence stems.
How can you use these task cards? Here’s some ideas!
• For scoot (Which choice/strategy would you use?)
• With movement-based practice activities like ‘Ask-Ask-Switch or ‘Mingle-Partner-Chat’ (directions included)
• On White Boards (Write an I-message for the situation)
• Paired with games like Candy Land, Uno, or Don’t Break the Ice (read a card before you take your turn)


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“I used this resource to build capacity for students’ resilience. The concepts are easy to follow and teach. It can easily be used with many age groups. Excellent product.”

“I used this as a buddy activity between 6th and 2nd graders (my school pairs up grade levels to work on different skills). The 6th graders were very eager to explain to younger students how to work out problems. the scenarios were great for both grade levels to understand and work with.”

“My students were struggling with resolving conflicts with each other. I used these task cards to help them practice their “I” statements. I love that the situations on the cards are situations that they actually deal with (and complain about) so we can practice them together.”