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Talk it Out I-Message Practice Statement Cards


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Of all of the conflict resolution strategies (or Kelso’s Choices), “Talk it Out” or “I-Messages” or “I-Statements” are my absolute favorite. It is such an incredible tool in promoting a positive classroom climate, encouraging independent problem solving, and developing healthy social skills. These are also an excellent part of a classroom using restorative practices because they provide students practice with affective statements before an actual problem arises.
The first step in scaffolding the development of this skill is for students to practice giving I-messages to one another using these 42 pre-written “Talk it Out”/”I-Message” task cards. I like to use these in a modified Quiz, Quiz, Trade (or more of a Read, Read, Trade!) activity but they could also work in Concentric Circles, with whisper phones, or any other way you choose.


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“Such a great resource. This helped spark many conversations and “aha” moments in my classroom, too. I have used it several times this year to review how to talk it out. Thank you!”

“I used these cards to supplement the Talk It Out lesson from your Conflict Resolution unit. The examples were really relevant for my students, and helped them understand how to deliver and receive an I-Message. I will definitely use them again!”

“Great resource. I used it with my 2nd and 3rd grade students when we were working on conflict resoultion strategies. It was easy to use and the situations were relevant to the kids. This is a great tool to use to practice giving and receiving I-messages.”