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Growth Mindset Game


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Practice growth mindset and perseverance with your students using this engaging cooperative board game! It doesn’t use the terms ‘growth mindset’ vs. ‘fixed mindset’ but instead engages students to think about how different attitudes and experiences affect their learning and brain.
Players work together to get the playing piece across the board before the brain “falls asleep”. Students answer reflection/discussion questions, practice helpful thinking, get up and move a little, and see positive and negative learning choices take them forward or backward. The game is fast paced while still giving their brains a good workout!
Game cards include the following categories:
Think About It: Players respond to a reflection/discussion question about the core tenets in growth mindset and in perseverance
Helpful or Unhelpful: Players pull a card with a thought about school or learning. Helpful thoughts invite the players to move forward. Unhelpful thoughts mean moving backwards OR fixing the thought into a helpful one to stay put.
Chance Card gives a scenario and response that either shows growth mindset and/or perseverance and tells players to move forward, or gives a non-example and tells them to move backward.
Game Includes: game cover, game board, directions page, spinner and die, playing pieces, 45 game cards, puzzle board, and puzzle pieces
*Three of the discussion cards reference ClassDojoTM video concepts of ideas. You can remove them if these wouldn’t be helpful to your students and still have plenty to play with!
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What others are saying...

“LOVE this game! It was fun and engaging to use with students – highly recommend! “

“This was a fabulous way to review growth mindset in a visually stimulating and interactive way.”

“This was awesome! I LOVE that it is a cooperative game, I like that this game is teaching them teamwork skills on the sly while they learn about growth mindset. Also — I have one class that is always hard to handle, and they were really into this and focused. I feel like it was a miracle!”