Identity, Diversity, & Social Justice Lessons & Activities for Primary Students


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These four lessons develop social justice skills through focusing on personal identity awareness, valuing and understanding differences and diversity, identifying injustices, and being and upstander & creating a safe classroom community.

Each lesson includes:

•26-32 slide interactive presentation to guide discussion and activities with suggested scripting for each slide
•Independent and cooperative activities for students to process and reflect on the learning
•Recommended book companion list to extend the learning
•Editable parent letter to send home after the lesson explaining the purpose and content of the lesson

•Follow-up discussion questions printable for use in morning meetings, transitions, etc.

⭐Open the previews for the specific objectives of each identity, diversity, injustice, and action lesson.

⚡You may wish to expand each lesson into two lessons, depending on how much time you have, especially if you incorporate a book


They are aligned to: Justice for Learning’s Social Justice Anchor Standards, the American School Counseling Association’s Mindsets & Behaviors, and the Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning’s (CASEL) Core Competencies.

This resource is listed for grades 1st-3rd grades but you know your students best! I recommend thoroughly looking over the preview to decide if this resource is developmentally appropriate for your students. Need one at an older developmental level? I have that here: Identity, Diversity, and Social Justice Lessons for Upper Elementary Students

The presentations are MAC, PC, and Google Sides™ compatible. They are NOT editable, although slides can be hidden or deleted.

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“i bought the k-2 and 3-5 lessons & activities and they were both so helpful for my students. this fit in perfectly with what we were doing. thank you!”

“I really like this bundle…these are topics that need to be taught and discussed in school in a way that doesn’t make parents feel uncomfortable that political views, etc are being infused into the curriculum. This resource effectively does just that….THANK YOU!!!!”

“I purchased this bundle after using and loving the upper elementary version. This was fantastic! Easy to use during distance learning and age appropriate!”

Original price was: $14.00.Current price is: $11.25.