Identity, Diversity, Social Justice Lessons and Activities



This is a set of five lessons and activities aligned with Teaching Tolerance’s social justice standards. Many of the lessons can be split into two depending on time and whether or not you incorporate book companions.

They focus on:

1. IDENTITY: Understanding the different elements of identities and exploring our own
2. DIVERSITY & DIFFERENCES: We have lots of commonalities, it’s okay to talk about differences, diversity is valuable
3. STEREOTYPES: What is a stereotype, discussing common stereotypes, how stereotypes don’t define us
4. IDENTIFYING INJUSTICES: Understanding different examples of injustices and how people are harmed
5. TAKING ACTION: Defining boycotts and protests, what to say when you hear someone make a hurtful comment

Each lesson includes:
•20+ slides to guide discussion and activities with suggested scripting
•Independent reflection activities: printable worksheets & interactive Google Slides™ (exception: Justice/Injustice lesson)
•Recommended book companion list
•Editable parent letter to send home after the lesson explaining the purpose and content of the lesson
•Follow-up discussion questions printable
•Student pre/post survey

They are aligned to Teaching Tolerance’s Social Justice Anchor Standards (Identity), the American School Counseling Association’s Mindsets & Behaviors, and the Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning’s (CASEL) Core Competencies.

This resource is listed for grades 3rd-6th but you know your students best! I recommend thoroughly looking over the preview to decide if this resource is developmentally appropriate for your students. I also have these lessons created for 1st-3rd graders available.

These presentations are MAC and PC compatible with a Google Slides™ link included in the lesson plan. The presentation is NOT editable, although slides can be hidden or deleted.

What others are saying...

“Great resource. Used this with my students and we were able to introduce these topics to students in a kid appropriate way! :)”

“So helpful to inspire and direct the ‘tough conversations’ that are so critical in any classroom today! I really appreciate you creating this jumping off point!”

“I began using this resource in a virtual student group with 4th graders. Although we have just started, I can already tell how well the students respond to the content. They were all engaged and had great conversations about their identities, not to mention they learned new things about classmates they’ve known for years. I’m so excited to continue diving into these lessons virtually and I look forward to facilitating these in the future in-person! So easy to follow, with tons of ideas for movement and exploring topics further with worksheets. Very affordable too!”

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