Identity, Diversity, & Social Justice Lessons and Activities



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This is a set of five lessons that help students develop social justice skills through understanding identity, diversity, and injustice.
1. IDENTITY LESSON: Understanding the different elements of identities and exploring our own
2. DIVERSITY & DIFFERENCES LESSON: We have lots of commonalities, it’s okay to talk about differences, diversity is valuable
3. STEREOTYPES LESSON: What is a stereotype, discussing common stereotypes, how stereotypes don’t define us
4. IDENTIFYING INJUSTICES LESSON: Understanding different examples of injustices and how people are harmed
5. TAKING ACTION LESSON: Defining boycotts and protests, what to say when you hear someone make a hurtful comment, being an upstander
Each lesson includes:
•20+ slides to guide discussion and activities with suggested scripting
•Independent reflection activities: printable worksheets & interactive Google Slides™ (exception: Justice/Injustice lesson)
•Recommended book companion list to extend the learning
•Editable parent letter to send home after the lesson explaining the purpose and content of the lesson
•Follow-up discussion questions printable
•Student pre/post survey
Open the previews for the specific objectives of each identity, diversity, injustice, and action lesson.
⚡You may wish to expand each lesson into two lessons, depending on how much time you have, especially if you incorporate a book
They are aligned to Teaching Tolerance’s Social Justice Anchor Standards (Identity), the American School Counseling Associations Mindsets & Behaviors, and the Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning’s (CASEL) Core Competencies.
This resource is listed for grades 3rd-6th but you know your students best! I recommend thoroughly looking over the preview to decide if this resource is developmentally appropriate for your students. Need one at a younger developmental level? I have that here: Identity, Diversity, and Social Justice Lessons for Primary Students
These presentations are MAC and PC compatible with a Google Slides™ link included in the lesson plan. The presentation is NOT editable, although slides can be hidden or deleted.