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Restorative Circles Prompts


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Restorative practices are an effective way to improve class and school culture, decrease negative behaviors, and develop successful citizens of the school and world. Restorative circles are one important component of restorative practices. In circles, power and responsibility are shared and equal among all members. The restorative circle prompts in this resource help develop the social-emotional skills needed for restorative practices to take hold and be effective in your classroom and school.
Resource Includes:
  • 126 restorative circle prompts for class meetings. Some are discussion questions, others are about sharing personal beliefs and experiences, and some ask about specific scenarios/situations. The prompts cover:
  • Identifying Feelings in Self and Others
  • Expressing and Regulating Feelings
  • Responsibilities in the Classroom and School
  • Taking Responsibility For My Own Actions
  • Choices and Consequences
  • Peaceful Conflict Resolution
  • Apologies and Forgiveness
  • Perspective Taking and Empathy
  • One page list of 14 prompts to use for problem-solving restorative circles (when a problem has already occurred or is occurring that needs to be handled restoratively as a class)
  • Circle Norms poster
  • Affective statement posters
  • Apology sentence stems posters
  • All pages also in blackline
Resource Rationale and Use: Restorative practices are incredibly meaningful but for students to engage with them, they need to already have some social-emotional skills. For students to focus on restoring relationships and reconciliation, they need to understand responsibilities, perspectives, and empathy. Circles are a perfect way to help students develop these skills while also fostering classroom community. These prompts are meant to be used daily in order develop the skills students need to engage more meaningfully and effectively in problem-solving restorative circles.
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