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Social Skills Group Activities and Curriculum


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This social skills small group counseling curriculum is awesome for helping develop self-control, emotional regulation, and positive relationship skills with lower elementary students. It has a strong focus on movement-based, play-based, and hands-on activities. This group serves as a wonderful tier 2 intervention.
It is very similar to this boys group, however every single scenario and activity has been completely edited to be specific for younger students (and to be gender neutral).
This ASCA-aligned resource is a complete 9-week group counseling curriculum. It is a ready-to-go group but it is also flexible. You can easily pick and choose which sessions to do, re-order them, and/or incorporate books to lengthen the group further. Book companion suggestions are included, as are “any time” discussion questions to use as needed. It is not low-prep, but I think you’ll find the prep well worth the quality of the group – and the fact that all prep is one time only and you’ll use this group over and over again!
Resource Includes:
  • Session 1: Welcome and Introductions (expectations activity, personal strength cut and paste)
  • Session 2: Road Trip (board game on self-awareness and self-esteem)
  • Session 3: Bugged Feelings (identifying and expressing uncomfortable feelings memory game and feeling scaling)
  • Session 4: Taking Care of Bugged Feelings (square breathing and self-regulation board game)
  • Session 5: Self Control Part 1 (story, strategies, and practice activities)
  • Session 6: Self Control Part 2 (using your social filter + how to show self-control in different scenarios)
  • Session 6: The Good Sport (story + scenarios on showing good sportsmanship and teamwork)
  • Session 8: Conflict Goals and Fouls (solving conflict peacefully)
  • Session 9: Caring for Others (how to show you care + identifying emotions in others)
  • Additional Components: reinforcement and coaching prompts, parent note, reminder bracelets, completion certificate, suggested book companion list, behavior management system, teacher pre/post survey
This group was created with K-2nd grade in mind. That said, kindergartners vary widely when they come to us! This group may not be a fit for all kinders; for some it may not be great until second semester, and it may not be a fit for some kinders at all. Please take the time to look through the preview to decide how this will work for your students. You know their developmental levels best!
**Open the preview for more details! **