Elementary Group Counseling Curriculum Bundle



Looking for some complete small group counseling curriculums to use with your elementary students? Here are seven amazing ones bundled together for you!
  1. Flower Girls – Healthy Friendships 2nd-4th
  2. Be More Awesome Boys Group – Feelings, Self-Control, Social Skills 3rd-5th
  3. Weather Life’s Challenges – For Changing Families, Sticky Life Situations, or Extra Tier 2 Support 2nd-4th
  4. Monster Feelings – Emotional Identification, Expression, and Regulation K-2nd
  5. Primary Social Skills – Friendships, Feelings, and Self-Control K-2nd
  6. Upper Elementary Social Skills
  7. ** NEW*** Emotional Regulation Group Curriculum and CBT Activities for Kids
**Open the preview of each group for more details! **

What others are saying...

“Great Bundle! It includes many of my most requested intervention topics Your lesson plans are amazing, so well thought out and easy to follow. You really thought of everything! My students love coming to group!!”

“I loved the variety of topics included in this bundle – it matched well with the needs of the kids I was seeing in groups. Easy prep and students were engaged! Great resource!”

“Loved this resource, especially the boy’s group that focuses on building self-esteem and self control throughout the curriculum, rather than a single lesson on each. All of the different groups are a nice change from some of my other resources, especially when a student needs multiple ways to examine the same difficulty (e.g. healthy friendships).”

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