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Boys Group Counseling Curriculum


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This small group counseling curriculum is awesome for helping develop self-control, emotional regulation, and positive relationship skills among middle to upper elementary boys. Sometimes, we use the same materials with boys as we do with girls or mixed gender groups. Other times, boy groups need things differentiated for them; boy-centered scenarios, traditionally “boy” themes, and a stronger focus on movement-based and hands-on activities. This group does all of that and works perfectly as a tier 2 intervention.


This ASCA-aligned resource is a complete 12-week group counseling curriculum. It is a ready-to-go group but it is also flexible. You can easily pick and choose which sessions to do, re-order them, and/or incorporate books to lengthen the group further. Book companion suggestions are included, as are “any time” discussion questions to use as needed. It is not low-prep, but I think you’ll find the prep well worth the quality of the group – and the fact that all prep is one time only and you’ll use this group over and over again!


Resource Includes:

  • Session 1: Welcome and Introductions (pre-survey, expectations, movement-based get to know you activities)
  • Session 2: Road Trip (board game on self-awareness and self-esteem)
  • Session 3: Use Your Controller (What is self-control? Movement-based activities)
  • Session 4: Control Yourself (game-like activity practicing how to show self-control in various situations)
  • Session 5: Choices and Consequences (live action pretend video game practicing identifying consequences)
  • Session 6: Bugged Feelings (dominoes game practicing identifying and expression uncomfortable feelings)
  • Session 7: Managing Our Bugged Emotions Part 1 (square breathing plus self-talk)
  • Session 8: Managing Our Bugged Emotions Part 2 (DIY stress balls + “bug catchers”)
  • Session 9: Friendship In and Out of Bounds (physical, verbal, and emotional, boundaries with movement activity)
  • Session 10: Conflict Goals and Fouls (how our actions in conflict can help or hurt the friendship and practicing I-messages)
  • Session 11: Be a Good SPORT (story + scenarios about encouraging others, being a good loser, & respecting others)
  • Session 12: Termination (post-survey, processing activity, reflection craftivity)
  • Additional Components: parent note, reminder bracelets, completion certificate, suggested book companion list, behavior management system, student and teacher pre/post surveys

✨Glowing Praise for This Resource✨


“I am running a small group for 4th and 5th grade boys using this curriculum. It is one of my favorites I have done so far this school year. The responsive counselor never fails, another amazing group curriculum. Super low prep and easy to use, and the students love the activities we do!” ~ Leah Fry


“My small boys group and I have thoroughly enjoyed this curriculum. It has been very user friendly and keeps the boys engaged in small group. Most importantly, they are transferring what we are working on to the classroom, playground, gym and cafeteria. As a school we have seen vast improvement of behavior with this group of students.” ~ Stacie L.



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What others are saying...

“So easy to use and my students have loved the activities. It meets the needs of my boys group perfectly as they work on a mix of social skills and emotional regulation.”

“I used this with my 4th and 5th grade boys and they absolutely loved it. They were engaged the entire time with the activities and they applied the skills they learned outside of class. Thank you.”

“This group curriculum is so easy to follow. The lessons and activities build upon each other, and are very user friendly. It was very easy to use and enjoyable. The boys were very engaged and seemed to benefit greatly from the material.”