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Body Language Lesson Plan (Classroom or Small Group)


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This body language lesson (whole group or small group) helps to develop positive communication skills by teaching students 1) how to understand the message others’ body language sends and 2) to be conscious of what their own body language is saying. This activity also helps to develop empathy and theory of mind, pragmatics skills so many of our students need!
• Written plan with ASCA standards and CASEL competencies. Includes video hook/intro suggestion.
• Fan-N-Pick small group activity (directions included) with task cards. Task cards can also be used in Quiz, Quiz, Trade, Concentric Circles, or Numbered Heads Together.
• 28 task cards (4 body language discussion Qs, 8 applied/practice questions, 8 ‘Which body cue does not show the emotion?’ cards, and 8 ‘What would this person be thinking/feeling?’ cards
• Whole group extension game
*Open the preview for more details!*