School Counseling Needs Assessments and Curriculum Maps EDITABLE


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Start your comprehensive school counseling program off strong (and save!) with this bundle of editable curriculum maps and needs assessments!
These EDITABLE school counseling curriculum map templates and sample themes make planning your core curriculum for the year easy peasy. Select the schoolwide and grade level specific maps that fit your school/caseload, decide what themes each grade will focus on, and fill in your lessons! Use the sample themes and lesson foci to make your life in easier. Use in your school counselor binder as a quick way to review the curriculum map for yourself, for your evaluation with administration, or for sharing with faculty.
Resource Includes:
•Schoolwide color-coded templates for 12 different elementary grade spans (encompassing preK-6)
•Weekly, biweekly, and monthly lesson delivery maps
•Grade level specific templates
•Sample lesson foci for 23 different themes (many with specific book recommendations)
•Sample 20 lesson K-4th curriculum map
Using school counseling needs assessments and program evaluations is a great way to gather data for effectively guiding your comprehensive school counseling program. These needs assessments are available as an editable PPT to print out (some people prefer hard copy!) and a link to an editable Google Form™ (to be paperless and have speedier data analysis). Versions are included for faculty, parents, and students (lower elementary version and upper elementary options).
Faculty needs assessment covers rating need/importance of various school counseling services, small group needs, classroom lesson needs, and other faculty thoughts/ideas. Caregiver needs assessment covers the same minus the small group needs. Student needs assessments cover only classroom lesson needs. Basic knowledge of Google Forms needed for editing digital format and back knowledge of using text boxes in PowerPoint (typing in and moving around) needed for editing printable version.
Now also includes mid-year and end of the year faculty needs assessment/program evaluation editable documents! (editable PPT for printing only, not in google drive)
***All text is these resources is editable. Fonts in MAC version are different than pictured but still correctly formatted.***
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What others are saying...

“Curriculum planning and assessing needs can be a stressful experience for me, especially with all of the uncertainty that this school year brings. Having this resource has helped me to not “reinvent the wheel” and I am so excited to use it this year. Being able to edit everything to my desire is so helpful – I can just plug in my information and not worry about format or making it look professional because the creator did this for me! Thank you thank you thank you!”

“Loved being able to map out all of my lessons throughout the year. I also used this tool to map out my groups. Super useful and made planning less stressful!”

“I LOVE this!! I am always looking for ways to help our program. I want to know what teachers think and since they are on the front lines, I want to know what kids are telling them. What do they think the students need? This helps drive the counseling program.”

Original price was: $6.00.Current price is: $4.75.