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New to school counseling, new to elementary counseling, or looking to refresh your program? This starter bundle is a stellar set of resources to get you on an amazing start in your comprehensive school counseling program!
Any Game Counseling Prompts for 26 Different Topics
These low-prep counseling prompts will work with almost any game you already have – I use them almost daily at my school! Each set of prompts is coded by number and color. Roll a 5? Respond to prompt #5! Drew a yellow card? Respond to the yellow prompt! Questions/prompts are worded so that they can be answered multiple times during a game without it being repetitive. These are excellent for individual counseling and small group counseling. Resource also includes colorful game board that can be used with any die and player pieces, as well as suggested games. (Open the preview to see the 26 topics covered!)
Beautiful and Functional School Counseling Office Decor
Use your limited wall space wisely with functional counseling decor – visuals that are pretty to look at…that you’ll also use regularly as counseling tools! Looking to redo your space? Save big and give it some life with this bundle!
• Weather-themed problems and feelings scale for assessing before/after sessions or treatment
• Door decor with editable “Where’s the counselor?” sign, stop sign (avoid walk-ins!), pennant banner, and self-referral station
• Six wall posters, each available in three sizes so you can pick what works best for you and your space: THINK Before You Speak, confidentiality, You Can Be…, conflict resolution choices, What’s Under Your Anger?, and Group Expectations
• Greetings and Good Byes visual choice board, for connecting with your students as they enter and leave your space
Behavior Intervention Guide
This behavior intervention guide is for elementary school counselors, MTSS behavior teams, or other educators who need help coordinating and implementing appropriate tier 2 and tier 3 behavior interventions. It provides information, intervention ideas, and tools to use when supporting students with behavior needs.
The guide uses three different lenses to conceptualize behavior and behavior support:
  • Unmet Needs and Needs-Based Interventions
  • Lagging Skills and Skills-Based Interventions
  • Competing Motivations and Positive Reinforcement Interventions
Curriculum Maps
These EDITABLE school counseling curriculum map templates and sample themes make planning your core curriculum for the year easy peasy. Select the schoolwide and grade level specific maps that fit your school/caseload, decide what themes each grade will focus on, and fill in your lessons! Use the sample themes and lesson foci to make your life in easier. Use in your school counselor binder as a quick way to review the curriculum map for yourself, for your evaluation with administration, or for sharing with faculty.
•Schoolwide color-coded templates for 12 different elementary grade spans (encompassing preK-6)
•Grade level specific templates
•Sample lesson foci for 23 different themes (many with specific book recommendations)
•Sample 20 lesson K-4th curriculum map
Needs Assessments
Using a school counseling needs assessment is a great way to gather data for effectively guiding your comprehensive school counseling program. These needs assessments are available as an editable PPT to print out (some people prefer hard copy!) and a link to an editable Google Form™ (to be paperless and have speedier data analysis). Versions are included for faculty, parents, and students (lower elementary version and upper elementary options). Faculty needs assessment covers rating need/importance of various school counseling services, small group needs, classroom lesson needs, and other faculty thoughts/ideas. Caregiver needs assessment covers the same minus the small group needs. Student needs assessments cover only classroom lesson needs. Basic knowledge of Google Forms needed for editing digital format and back knowledge of using text boxes in PowerPoint (typing in and moving around) needed for editing printable version.
Group Counseling (Editable) Documents
  • Editable group tracking sheet (for 6, 8, or 10 session groups)
  • Editable session outlines/plans (1 page or 2 page)
  • Editable parent notes (5 different graphic options)
  • Editable pre/post surveys for students and parents (6 question or 8 question)
  • Editable student folder covers (6 graphic options)
  • *You will need a basic working knowledge of PowerPoint in order to edit this resource.
Group Counseling Routines
  • Two different feelings check-in charts
  • Nine yoga pose posters (all poses can be done while wearing any clothes, standing up, and in small spaces!)
  • Eleven animal movement cards
  • Visual agenda with 21 schedule cards
  • Nine mindful breathing cards
  • Bonus: Labels for group counseling resources/supplies
  • Bonus: Group expectations poster
Meet the Counselor Brochure
Looking for something to hand out at your school’s orientation, open house, or meet the teacher night? This editable school counseling brochure is super customizable, easy to read, and already has tons of info filled in to help you save time! Includes information on school counseling duties, the topics we talk to kids about, confidentiality, contact info, and how a student can see a counselor. You will need Microsoft PowerPoint in order to best utilize this resource (google slides and MAC programs will not keep the fonts).
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What others are saying...

“I am a new resource person at my school for SEL. I loved the posters which I printed large for my bulletin boards. The problems and feelings scale is great for my kiddos working on anxiety issues. I have big plans for that. I also love the Any Game questions. We have played them using the included gameboard, Jenga and Candy Land. I have found “Today’s Agenda” very helpful as well. I haven’t quite been in this job a month so I’m sure I will find great use for some of the other files I haven’t gotten to yet. Thank you so much. This was definitely worth the price.”

“I’ve been a counselor for a few years but loved everything that was in this bundle. Super efficient and organized. Love it!”

“This really helped me start off the year on the right foot. We’ve all been told this is a self-starting job and it truly is. I’ve used this to help ground myself and organize what I need to do to create a plan for the whole year. The curriculum maps are great and I love how they link to other tpt products if needed.”