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Feelings Group Curriculum and Group Activities


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This feelings small group counseling curriculum is awesome for helping students learn and practice emotional identification, emotional expression, and emotional regulation. It was created for lower elementary students with a strong focus on movement-based, play-based, and hands-on group activities. It’s a wonderful tier 2 intervention and focuses on all parts of emotions: awareness, identification, acceptance, expression, and regulation.
Resource Includes:
  • Session 1: Welcome and Introductions (expectations activity, introduce students to visiting feelings, identify and express happiness + pride + excitement)
  • Session 2: Anger (puzzle, identify traits, practice expressing, triggers, problem-solving, negative self-talk)
  • Session 3: Worry (puzzle, identify traits, practice expressing, triggers, problem-solving, negative self-talk)
  • Session 4: Sadness (puzzle, identify traits, practice expressing, triggers, problem-solving, negative self-talk)
  • Session 5: Mindful Breathing (teach and model breathing strategies, play Memory Match to practice using)
  • Session 6: Self-Talk and Coping (practice using positive self-talk and create your own coping spinner)
  • Session 7: Review and Termination cooperative board game)
  • Additional Components: parent note, reminder bracelets, completion certificate, suggested book companion list, behavior management system, teacher pre/post survey
It’s a complete 7-week group counseling curriculum. It is ready-to-go as is but it is also flexible. You can easily pick and choose which sessions to do, re-order them, and/or incorporate books to lengthen the group further. Book companion suggestions are included. It is not low-prep, but I think you’ll find the prep well worth the quality of the group – and the fact that all prep is one time only and you’ll use this group over and over again!
The monster theme is not just for it’s “cuteness” and relatability to students, but also because it helps children recognizing their feelings as visitors that come and go.
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What others are saying...

“We have several students in K this year that have really BIG feelings, but haven’t quite learning all the words that go along with those feelings or how to communicate them. Often times it ends in discipline issues, but we are now using this resource in a small group and I have been impressed with how it is helping. They are still learning to regulate, but giving them words to use that match their feelings has been really helpful. Thank you for another wonderful resource!!”

“I’m a school counselor and I used this product for a small group on managing emotions. The students loved the monsters. There were lots of activities. I will be using this again for small groups.”

“I did a k5 and 1st grade small group and they absolutely loved getting know the monsters and telling me how they knew what the monster was feeling. All of the activities are super engaging! My students would always ask me what monster we would be meeting next.”