Learning Skills SEL Lessons for Listening, Following Directions, & Perseverance


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Want to help your kindergarteners and first graders develop the learning skills they need to be successful in school? This resource is a set of four lessons focused on: listening, following directions, growth mindset, and perseverance. It’s research-based social-emotional learning created specifically with primary students in mind.
The activities were designed for teachers delivering SEL in their classrooms or school counselors teaching guidance lessons. 
Each Resource Includes:
  • Short story to engage your learners
  • Movement-based whole group activity to check for understanding
  • Hands-on small group practice activity (*which can be used again later as a centers!)
  • Closing circle questions
  • Extension activity
  • Poster/coloring pages
  • Recommended book companions 
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What others are saying...

“My students absolutely LOVED the activities in this resource! I was able to make it personalized for each class and the students were engaged the entire class time! Thank you so much for providing this resource! “

“I used the listening unit today for a counseling lesson with 1st grade. The story was perfect with real life examples they could relate to. We enjoyed the stand up and sit down for application activity. I did not do the puzzles due to time but could see utilizing that as part of a small group work. Thanks for the great resource. I am excited to use the other units as well.”

“Part of my school’s PBIS plan this year is to provide monthly themed SEL lessons to all the grades but finding material developmentally appropriate for all grades to match the theme is difficult. This resource has been a GODSEND!”

Original price was: $16.00.Current price is: $12.50.